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"Imagination and creativity tango on the dance floor of inspiration as the moon nurtured their passion while casting a light of faculty over the two." - G.C.G.   

                             The World Needs More Original Writers!

 Here we welcome poets, and writers of all kind to showcase their talents while earning money.  Imagine earning quick cash by demonstrating your love for your craft. We crave mind boggling poems and genius story telling consisting of strategic plotting, and story dedication that keeps our minds gracefully gliding through the bare ice of wisdom and originality. The master writer possesses the unique ability of story telling and creating poetry through environmental observation. 

Are you
 aspiring to be one of the greatest writers someday?

As a writer myself, I find for me that the most dreadful aspect of the craft, (besides writer's block and running out of coffee) is finding the strength to hurdle over the bar of procrastination.  I was awoken by the Gods of literacy who harpooned an idea through my hard head. The idea finally penetrated through, was processed by the department of logical reasoning and from there, spawned the creation of this site. This is a site that provides random topics bi-weekly in contest form, strengthens the persistency in creative writing and gives you a break from any other of your mind boggling writing projects. The best part about it is you can win extra cash in doing so!

                                       Cash for Creative Writing?

  In reality, we have the capacity to submit free posts and tweets expressing our feelings towards an expired carton of milk. Unfortunately, that freedom encourages stupidity and mindless rants that deplete brain cells. Quite frankly, we do not care for such toxicity and butchering of grammar. Here we care about expression, emotion, and quality content that will spark the minds of others and hopefully save this dying breed of creative writing. Let's face it if Shakespeare, August Strindberg or Edgar Allen Poe had twitter accounts then our current society will ultimately be put to shame for the destruction of the English language.

                                What perpetuates a story ?

 Since the beginning of time antagonists and protagonists have been presented in society whether on-screen or off screen to play the emotional harp strings of people. It is a great story that inspires, teaches, provokes, ignites controversy, casts stones towards those who are guilt- ridden, and illuminates hope upon those who are at the end of their line. Our contests give you a chance to express yourself relating to our topics. Contest topic formats can vary. Some contests can require short stories while another might require a poem. Check the contest type to verify if the format falls in your niche.

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